Welcome to Clean It, llc.. A fast growing company with rich experience and diversity. We have serviced more than 250, 000 square feet and always put our clients first.Being part of a growing service industry, we at CII pay very close attention to the image portrayed by our employees. We are determined to guarantee a meticulous, clean environment, and that includes the appearance of our employees too! A good attitude goes a long way at Clean-It, we believe you will notice the difference in our employees right away. Our services are dedicated to excellence.

We believe in providing superior Environmental and Janitorial services to our customers. Furthermore, our work is done on time and within budget.

Our managment team has developed systems and procedures to address the challenges and opportunities of the new Millenium. Thus diversified our services while maintaining low prices.

CleanIT, llc., mainly operates in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitian Area. We service office buildings, government buildings, schools and restaurants.

Our mission is to become the leading regional company supplying the best Environmental and janitorial services to our clients. The mission will be accomplished by educating our employees, providing excellent customer service and implementing long-term goals. Cleanit, llc. will meet its aggressive financial goals while striving for growth.
We attribute our success not only to our dedication to superior janitorial service, but also to our flexibility in changing with times. We efficiently monitor our performances and when necessary apply effective corrective action to correct errors before our clients are affected.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us and let Cleanit, llc take care of your Environmental and Janitorial needs while you concentrate on your business!

Your janitorial need is our business!